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Custom Storage Solutions

Contain Water Systems Inc. corrugated galvanized steel bins are used for many architectural and shelter based applications. Our professional and family operated staff can walk you through every step required to ensure a water tank that meets your specific requirements.

Epoxy Coated Tanks: Corrosion-Resistant, Economical and Efficient

When it comes to optimal economy and efficiency, epoxy-coated bolted steel tanks are often the best answer for your water, waste water, chemical or dry bulk storage needs. Modern tank designs over superior flexibility and secure leak protection and can be more cost-effective than field-welded, field erected steel tanks.

When CONTAIN designs your epoxy tank, we consider all of your needs for economy, scheduling and safety. Our experienced team can design tanks for any special situation – heavy liquids, high wind factors, heavy snow loads or special seismic requirements.

Tank Variations

Contain builds water tanks for a variety of unique applications. Click a section below  for more details.

For sizing see our tank configurations page.


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