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  • Contain Water Systems Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality storage products and storage tank manufacturer services worldwide. Our passion for safety, employee development, innovation, management excellence and continuous improvement sets us above other suppliers.


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Our Vision is to be the global leader in storage containment products and storage tank manufacturer services for dry bulk and liquid storage applications.

Our Mission is to deliver innovative, reliable storage products, services and solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers. We provide a challenging, rewarding and safe work environment for our employees, and practice good stewardship, responsibly managing our resources.

We aim to operate with the highest level of business integrity.


Contain water tanks are engineered and designed to exceed all relevant North American & International compliancy codes. Contain can assist you from preliminary to conceptual design stages and into completing fully engineered tank designs.


Contain is one of the only companies in North America manufacturing your water tank products in-house. From design through to construction and assembly completion, Contain Water Systems Inc. is your end-to-end liquid storage solution provider.


Contain Water Systems Inc. erects their own tanks, using qualified factory trained crews. Our construction crews receive over 120 hours of in-house safety training, ensuring that your project is completed safely, efficiently, just to your specifications.

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Contain Water Systems Inc. is a USA based water storage tank manufacturing company dedicated to providing durable, reliable and hand crafted water storage tank solutions that meet your unique needs. From our skilled craftsmen to our expert engineers and our stellar customer service team, every Contain Water Systems tank is hand-crafted, custom built and assembled on site.

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